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October 16, 2018

Dance N’ Attitude Kids Program

Why dancing helps greatly in your kids’ development?
Dancing is a great platform for kids to keep them active, healthy, confident and creative. It boosts self-
esteem, teaches social etiquette all while working on the stamina, balance and strength of your child.
Kids can benefit from dancing as a physical AND artistic extracurricular activity, and it can be done once
a week or more.
Here are the 6 ways your kid can benefit from dance classes:

  1. Fun & Amusing Activity
    Learning how to move and dance to a piece of music can undeniably be loads of fun for all
    people and especially for kids as it releases all the tension and boosts up the positive energy.
  2. Full-body Exercise
    Kids have a seemingly endless energy, which can be perfectly used in physical activities that help
    them grow to be healthy and fit.
  3. Stretch for the brain
    Dancing is known to require memorization of steps through constant practice and repetition
    which helps the brain improve its memorization ability.
  4. Creative Hobby
    Kids can explore their creative expression through dance as it provides an artistic plus to their
    activities throughout the week.
  5. Discipline and Social skills
    Dancing is the perfect platform to teach kids how to properly act in social situations. It
    contributes to the emotional intelligence of a child as it helps improve their social skills and
    communication with other kids in their class.
  6. It boosts self-esteem
    When kids learn know how to dance, their self-esteem climbs higher. It’s never too early to
    begin, whether your child is popular and outgoing, a little shy and reserved, or somewhere in
    between. Salsa helps dancers learn how to communicate better and increase confidence.

The Dance n’ Attitude Kids’ Program is made of up of three different dances: Salsa, Bachata, and
Merengue. All three dances are equally important in the development and growth of your child’s
enhancement to Latin Dancing.
Your kid will be learning basic technique and dancing terminology, while still focusing on creative
expression through Latin dances.
Riding through Social dancing to Performances
We focus on building the kids’ basic foundation and understanding of these social dances, we are fully
dedicated to help them have a full grasp of each dance.
Later, we move on to more intermediate and advanced levels while working on routines for
Etiquette and rules
It is important for kids to understand the discipline required for a dance class, therefore, we encourage
parents to bring the kids fully prepared to enjoy the class.

WE will go over these Rules with all the kids

  • There will be no food permitted in the dance studio. Dancers may bring a water bottle to class.
  • No chewing gum.
  • All students should be in class on time. Please, arrive to class at least 5 minutes early before
    scheduled class time for all classes. Class duration is 60 minutes.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to be prompt when picking up dancers right after class.
  • All dancers should wait inside the studio when waiting to be picked up.

Parents or siblings are not allowed in the dance room during class time; students are more comfortable
without the distraction of observers, thus creating an atmosphere most favorable for learning.

Passion comes first !

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