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February 26, 2017

Explore Salsa Music with Kevin Safadi

Kevin Safadi is a highly talented musician and an extraordinary percussionist. He collaborates with the most renowned artists of Lebanese and international musical scene. A versatile artist, plays many different styles of music, from Salsa to Latin Jazz to Afro Cuban, Brazilian authentic samba to Reggae. Kevin was the Artistic Director and Leader of “Bateria Unica do Segundo Bloco” The first ensemble of Samba percussionists in the region.

His knowledge in Salsa music and instruments is wide and he is here to share it


Get ready to Explore Salsa Music like you never have before!

A 60 min Music Workshop, led by Kevin Safadi, will be open to all level dancers from beginners to advanced!

Musicality in Salsa is first of all listening to the music, identifying the strong beats, timing, the cycle of the music… It’s also about recognizing the different instruments. How to feel the music, the pulsation, the energy, the groove…

Finally, it’s about dancing to music, reacting to breaks, letting go of improvisations, interacting with musicians.

Kevin will take you through the instruments that are used in salsa music and play them live to help you understand and connect with the music.

During the workshop, he’s going to focus on: Counting basics, brake down of Congas, Claves, Timbales, Bongos and Cowbells.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about Salsa Music … and enjoy it even more!

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Viva la Salsa!

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