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February 6, 2017

Lady Styling with Lynn (DNA)

My view on Lady Styling…

In general, I think of styling as a way to add a special flavor to the dance aside from the basic movements. Lady styling in specific is how we Ladies can add a special feminine touch to our moves, as well as creating momentum, balance, focus and technique.

What I focus on:

Spinning techniques

Spotting, spotting and spotting once again!
I always encourage the ladies to repeat the several exercises we do in class and to practice more often in order to improve their spinning skills.

My tip for you: focus on where you’re going next in order to end your turns at the right direction.


I think of it as the way we can become one with the music.
We definitely don’t all listen to the music the same way or move at the same time. However, it is always interesting to try out how different styles can go with different types of music. As a result, I like to share my way of applying my moves to the music during my class.

Body movement

Body movement is a wide concept, nonetheless I find that body rolls, waves and isolation moves can be a great way to self-express, and to add style & musicality.

Arms styling

The key is to know when and how to use them correctly during a dance. I try to style with my arms while doing shines or whenever they’re free, but definitely without letting them affect the flow of the dance.

My tip for you: Keep them open and in front of your body. Also, never freeze them down to your sides even when you’re not using them to style.
I focus on these points during my class in addition to mixing them up in different combinations each and every week.

Lastly, I’ve learned that it is very important to have an awareness over what you’re doing with your body at any point in time during the dance in order to enjoy it to the maximum, and I believe that focusing on how you style can help you achieve that.
Remember, the key is to practice 🙂

Lynn Moussalli


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