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March 13, 2017

Learning Salsa from a Deeper Perspective -Elie Khoury

While learning and developing my salsa dancing skills, i realized it was deeper than skills development and more than a hobby.
It is an amazing social lifestyle of self development (and a lot of fun).

Salsa is a great opportunity to get in touch with who you really are:
An opportunity to remove the masks, fears and doubts, while practicing self awareness and emotional intelligence.
An opportunity to get in touch with your deep values and be intentional.
An opportunity to align yourself, so that your spine, posture, breathing, beliefs, emotions and thoughts are in sync.
As a result, you can resonate authenticity and translate your presence to your partner through good intentions and great communication.

Your body language will translate who you really are.
So you know yourself and be yourself.

Build your confidence (it is not about your dancing skills).
Practice good communication with your partner (no tension, no blaming, no criticism or comparison)

Your lead and follow will show your communication and leadership levels.

Great dances happen when real connections and harmony happen.
Your past and future are no longer important when you are dancing.
Making an impression and reputation are no longer an aim.

I am more satisfied when I know that I gave the best of me in a dance (whatever the level of my partner or mine), when I am more concerned about taking care of my partner than showing my skills.
When I am fully present: enjoying the music, being creative and connecting to it, rather than just applying a structured limiting approach.

Learning dancing is about deep self, physical and mental development, seeing the world differently and being more opened to life.
It is just an opportunity, don’t miss it

“Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot see your dance skills”

Elie G. Khoury

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