The secret recipe of our energy and success, is our students’ satisfaction.

I wasn't expecting that dancing would become an addiction knowing that I had ZERO previous experience. But I was lucky to discover this passion in DNA.

Ibrahim Wazneh - Engineer Follow

Through dance, you don't only get to know yourself, but others too. That is when you get to grow your own family, and that family is called DNA.

Angela Zoghbi - Communication Arts Student Follow

It is written on their wall "if you can walk you can dance". DN'A made this possible through state of the art teaching techniques.

Abed Chehade - Geologist Follow

What i love most about DNA is who i share it with.

Elie Mrad - Engineer Follow

At DNA, I experienced the perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. I discovered new ways of self-expression, relaxation, and fun.

Joelle Kassas - Dietitian Follow

I found a place to express my self and share my passion with my new family at DNA

Maria Kassas - School Student Follow

DNA gives you a reason to dance. Besides teaching how to dance with your feet, it shows you how to dance with your heart 🙂

Lara Kantarjian Follow

In DNA dancing school you will not only learn dancing technique you will also learn the passion of dancing, that's what I am experiencing in DNA and that's what motivates me to look forward to my dancing class every week.

Elie Moussi - Business Owner Follow

After trying out several dance academies I was ready to give up... Luckily, I was introduced to DNA and I haven't looked back since.

Joe Chahine Follow

One step can lead to another... Never thought this would become such an incentive for me to wake up everyday and say i can do it ... Thank you DNA team

Syntya Bassil Follow

Cheers to a beautiful family

Samer Azar Follow

At DNA, dancing is more than just a hobby; away from mundane routine, it is a journey of growing talents, shared laughter, and inevitable friendly ceremonies. In class, every minute is a priceless gain of unwinding positive energy; at salsa nights, it's all about meeting and celebrating who we really are... 🙂

Petra Yazgi - Food Safety Manager Follow