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June 29, 2017

The Social Dancing Experience

We love salsa and love everything about it… The music, the beat, the dance…

Besides great passion and fun, to be able to enjoy salsa, especially when you are out social dancing, there are some rules to follow on the dance floor…

These simple rules and points will make your night and other dancers’ night smooth and injury free, not to mention the good social experience…

Stepping on other people’s feet while dancing and making injuries can be easily prevented if you simply respect the lines of dancing and respect other dancers’ space on the dance floor. If you do step on someone’s foot or push another dancer by mistake, always be apologetic and kind.

Do not just jump in front of a couple already dancing on the dance floor and squeeze yourself between them and another couple. If there’s no space for you and your partner, just wait for the next song!
Do not take over the dance floor, if the place if overcrowded, leave a turn for someone else to enjoy the floor, you can have a drink and socialize meanwhile or even watch.

Do not and I repeat do not wear military boots when you are social dancing! If you step on someone foot by mistake, you will seriously damage it, especially the guys… There are nice salsa dancing shoes very light, fashionable and won’t smash any girl’ toe in case of accident!

You can’t simply drag someone into the dance floor…! Just ask them respectfully if they would like to dance and let them actually reply… It’s OK if they say no sometimes, you don’t have to be upset about it and make faces!
Treat your partner delicately and respectfully while dancing, maintain eye contact… smile…

And do not forget, you are social dancing not competing, respect the level of dancing of your partner and don’t over force any movement..

Always be well groomed, bathe, use deodorant and keep a fresh mint in your pocket… If you sweat too much, keep some extra shirts in your bag and change regularly so you are always fresh and nice!

Again and I can’t stress on this enough, respect the lines of dance when you are social dancing… And take little space for yourself and partner if the place is crowded!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced dancer… attitude and respect on the dance floor will certainly make you a great person and a desirable social dancer.

Q viva la Salsa!

Don’t forget to always have fun …

Penelope Semaan

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